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I am Fena Wijaya, an Indonesian Energy Healer, and a Life Coach. Working many years in these sectors provides me with versatile capabilities in facilitating people to create change in their life and living. I used my insight, my energetic awareness, and tools of an empowering modality called Access Consciousness (and if required, I also use other modalities such as Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy, Human Designing, and Handwriting Analysis, too), to facilitate positive change and actualize whatever my clients desire in their life.

Life is not flat. Life is up and down. Life is not easy for some people. AND If you are one of them who think the same, feeling stuck in your life and are looking for ways to make it greater, believe me, you can totally CHOOSE to create it! Yes, you CAN make it with absolutely fun and ease! Curious and confused on how to make it?

No worries, I am here, just a call away! Will be more than happy to facilitate you in taking action to create your better life, to create your own reality.


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Life Coaching


What my clients Are Saying


Angela , Corporate Secretary

I had session bars class with coach Fena, first time heard what she said, it s hard to understand but my minds keep on listening and digging further and further..trying to catch up what does “the planet language” mean hahaha. But eventually I completed the bars class without knowing what we’ll be going on next..


The next day, i went to office and worked as usual ..that the magic began to show up, I felt my body lighter , more energy, more spirit… and the most of it, was on my eyes

I felt something different in my eyes.. I mean the way I was seeing ..wooow looked like I can get through the wall.. what magic was that ??? just by been touching of my head so everything was unlocking ..wooow !!

I saw so many possibilities , I saw a wide way in front of me, looked like I have known what the things should I take and what was that if I take and not..

hank you bars..thank you Access Consciousness.. thank you for the Clarity and Being me

It was so true.. on that day, my job was so crystal ice .. so easy and done perfectly.. Look like what I was touching is turn out the gold hahaha!!!

It was very asthoning and I was excited for the following days of my life..that s the first time I had the awesome feeling with magic wand.. how does it get any better than this ??? what else is possible ???hank you bars..thank you Access Consciousness.. thank you for the Clarity and Being me


Thank you Fena for the clarity, looking forward for our next session. - Amelia Percy, writer

Thank you, Fena !  Thank you for the Clarity.


"gratitude" for the session. - Jaden Sheldon, graphic designer

Gratitude !

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